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Hear first hand below from two of my clients who have been training with me.

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I needed desperately to improve my strength and fitness after letting it slip for a few years. I met Jason at a networking event and realised he worked out of a gym close by and did circuit classes too. In the last 6 weeks I've seen a huge improvement in strength and mobility and don't look pregnant anymore. I've been impressed how the workouts are tailored to me to push me more than I would would myself but not too hard the it destroys me for the next week. Overall I've been very impressed my with improvement in strength and overall fitness, Jason is friendly, personable and I highly recommend his services.

James C, Marple

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you Jason for the support you have given me in getting my fitness levels up.


After spending most of lockdown, eating too much, drinking to much and doing very little exercise, I was not able to do this on my own.


Jason has spent time ensuring that I am able to reach my fitness goals, while takin care that I don’t over stretch myself, but am challenged just enough to move forward every week.


Like most journeys I have my good days and bad days and Jason is always able to adjust and encourage me to get through each session with quiet words of encouragement and a good deal of laughter.


The gym is so friendly and non-threatening. It feels more like a small community that supports and encourages, no matter what level of fitness you are at.


So you have risen to the challenge of improving my fitness, despite my age (old) and fitness level (zero) and despite the fact that I am menopausal and full of aches and pains.


Thanks again.


Helen L.

Helen's Success Story by Jason Pestel PT
Helen's Success Story by Jason Pestel PT
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